Our Story

Tawseela is a pioneer in transportation technology, offering both B2B and B2C solutions. We believe in the right and need for safe and affordable group transportation options in developing countries. We are committed to making it happen through innovation in technology. Tawseela started in 2014 by offering fixed routes with high quality buses in Cairo, Egypt.


Our concept with vivid colors of the bus exterior was to add beauty and colors to the streets of Cairo. We came across the idea of a green bus roof and implemented it with the help of Schaduf as a beam of positivity in Cairo’s streets, and as a reminder of the importance of greenery in our life.

We have since identified several needs in the market and created several transportation products for schools and individuals, maintaining our vision of giving the masses access to decent and safe group transportation.

Our Culture: How We Do Things

Tawseela’s culture is all about collaboration. We demand that everyone should contribute new ideas, add to our knowledge base and learn from the others along the way.

We are not scared to try new things, like we did with the green roof bus. We love original ideas.

Research about the users and what their real needs are, is essential to all what we do.

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Cairo, Egypt

By some non-engineering miracle, there is plenty of parking space by our office.