Eazy School is a system designed specifically to ensure the safety of the children’s bus trips. It optimizes the routes and notifies the school in case of speed or route violations. Eazy also makes the parents’ transportation experience smooth, be it subscription, tracking the status of their children’s rides or instantly reporting issues.


  • Subscription: parents login on the website or through the mobile app using their children’s student code and subscribe to their bus route.
  • Payment: They can pay online or generate a voucher to pay in the bank depending on the school needs.
  • Receive notifications for morning pickup and ETA for afternoon drop off.
  • Provide instant feedback through the mobile application.
  • English & Arabic interfaces.

School Administrators:

  • Customized interfaces for each role within the school. For example the management can see the financials and occupancy rates. Their dashboard is concentrated around the parent feedback and the overall performance metrics of the service while the transportation department dashboard is customized for the day to day operations and incident management.
  • A grouped interface for schools chains with the ability to analyze the overall performance or perform a school by school analysis.
  • Control financials and route by route pricing through the admin dashboard.
  • Generate optimized routes through our proprietary algorithm.
  • Incident management & notifications for things like speed violation & unauthorized route change.
  • Track drivers & matrons performance.
  • Generate reports for financials, occupancy, daily operation, supplier accounting.

Parents app


Driver app


Matron app